Feed time We provide your pets with a quality and fully balanced diet with all food prepared in our hygienic food preparation area.  We feed Royal Canin and Blackhawk which are all high quality foods.

Grooming Dogs boarding with us for 7 days or longer will receive a FREE hydrobath. Hydrobathing is available for a small charge to dogs boarding for less than the 7 days. 

Exercise & Playtime We understand the importance of exercise and playtime for pets, and have safe, outdoor runs where your pet can free-run and have fun.

First-timer? We spend extra time with new boarders to help them settle in. 

Soothe the soul Music is played 24 hours a day as it can reduce stress and helps pets relax. It has a positive effect and helps with anxiety. At night it helps soothe their sleep.

Senior dogs Some older dogs need a little extra care and attention. Special diet is available for senior dogs if requested. Alternate bedding can be arranged if the hammock bed is not suitable.

For the safety of all pets and staff, aggressive dogs are not accepted.  Females on heat are not accepted.

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